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How to Find High Quality Brass Cable Gland ?

The efficacy of a cable connection is sometimes dependent on the quality of the brass cable gland. A cable gland is also referred to as a fitting or connector. These are devices, which connect the end of an electrical cable to its equipment. Its main purpose is to offer a secure connection.

The connection varies on the type of cable. That’s specifically created according to the type. It will also present for sheath or armor of the cable. Cable glands are typically seen in industries, which deal with automation and instrumentation. Cable glands are made of various types such as brass, aluminum, and steel.

Of these brass cable glands are the most chosen because of the distinct properties of brass.

Brass cable glands are accountable for the safe and secure connection of the cable to its instrument.

You see, the strength of the connection has a direct effect on the quality of the transmission.

In the automation and instrumentation industry, this is a vital aspect.

Without a superior quality of brass cable gland connection, the whole product could fail to work.

That’s true, no matter how excellent its production and design.

This small tool is important to establish a high quality and secure transmission.

Over the past two years, with the increasing demand for metal joints from businesses in different industries, many

joint manufacturers, suppliers, and agents have emerged in the market.

So how can we select suitable metal joint products?

It can be found that there are certain differences in the basic requirements of brass cable gland products for business users in different industries.

Such products have great differences in:

  • specifications
  • sizes and
  • wall thickness.

Manufacturer of Cable Glands.

Cable Glands Manufacturer

5 Most Important Factors for Brass Cable Gland Manufacturers.

You will find various brass cable gland manufacturers who create cable cleats, cable accessories, cable lugs, and cable glands. You might also be aware of the fact that there’s a wide array of cable glands accessible for different applications.

Therefore, how would you pick the best one?

What things must you take into consideration while putting your trust in a brass cable gland manufacturer?

In this post, we will delve into the details and find out.

Below are the top five most important factors for brass cable gland manufacturers.

1.The Machine Numbers for producing brass cable gland

The machine numbers determine the production capacity of a factory. These machine numbers play a very important factor in the process. It’s the decisive factor.

2.The Engineers controlling the brass cable gland quality

A powerful technical engineer team could ensure the design level and control the quality at the top of the production line.

Brass cable glands are utilized in explosive settings. The safety of the electrical equipment is of utmost significance. Thus, electrical component engineers with long years of experience who sustain high-quality standards must be dependable. The other factors are the timely delivery of the products to the local and global market.

The engineers and the company must have a powerful logistic team who can provide sufficiently as per the requirement. Sometimes, the engineers must design the brass cable gland according to customer’s special requirements.

3.The Certificates for brass cable gland

The engineers and the company must have a powerful logistic team who can provide sufficiently You are well aware that cable glands are utilized under various environmental conditions. Thus, the components must be tested rigorously and repeatedly. A cable gland manufacturer should have the ability to run different quality checks.

No compromise must be made with the quality of the item and excellence at every level is necessary. Various quality checks should be performed to make sure every component is quality tested as per local and global standards. Some of the famous standards a brass cable gland manufacturer should comply are the following:

CE certificate for the European market

This is also referred to as product’s passport for the markets within the European Economic Area. CE marking allows the free movement of an item within this area in the sense of the free movement of goods.

ROHS certificate for the European market

This limits the use of particular hazardous materials seen in electronic and electrical products.

ISO quality management system certificate

This is composed of processes, procedures, and policies for planning and implementation in the core business area of an organization.

IP68 waterproof certificate

It shows the waterproof function of the cable gland reach IP68, that’s an important standard for cable gland).

ATEX certificate

It shows the cable gland has good explosion-proof function. It could be used in a hazardous area.

4.The Production Management for brass cable gland workshop

First, the pre-production technical submission is very critical. Before each operation, it is recommended that the relevant team leader or machine monitor make safety technical submission. This is to ensure that every producer understands the main objectives and planned output of this operation.

Secondly, we have a clearer understanding of the: production process and product specifications, wall thickness, color and; size. Technical safety before production is not only conducive to improving overall works efficiency. But it also can control the quality of joint cable products.

Thirdly, in the production process of cable joints, relevant manufacturers must do a good job in the management of their: materials, positions and; finished products

Fourthly, managers should plan rationally according to the: performance, processing range, on-site operation conditions and; output task standards of the equipment. Never overload production and processing operations for a long time. This will not only make the operation of the equipment exceed the expected standards. It will also lead to the quality of cable joints. It can meet the standard.

Fifth, long-term production and processing will inevitably lead to certain damage or malfunction of production equipment. It is necessary to do the corresponding maintenance work regularly. That’s true to make its production force better meet the production of the next cable joints, Take effective maintenance operations. Avoid the occurrence of failure problems to ensure that the output and quality are effectively guaranteed.

5.The fund for producing brass cable gland

Brass material needs much cash to buy. Therefore, it is a big pressure for the fund chains. For example, a brass cable gland factory with a turnover of 5 million US dollar. This factory should have 3 million dollar funds in the brass raw material stock in the workshop.

Therefore, the fund amount is very important, and it could influence the production capacity deeply.

Other Factors to Consider:

Apart from the things we mentioned above, here are bonus factors you must also check:

Latest Technologies

Take note that a brass cable gland manufacturer must always keep up along with current technologies. They must also create new components. An excellent and sought-after manufacturer and supplier of electrical components would expect the need for the customer within the market. They will leverage the current technologies and sophisticated machinery to generate advanced brass cable glands and other electrical equipment.

Quality of the Brass Cable Gland

A cable gland is made of brass, steel, aluminum, and different plastics. As brass is a mix of copper and zinc, it can withstand corrosion efficiently. It also neutralizes high temperature effortlessly. That boosts the life and the durability of your cable gland. Thus, brass cable glands could be utilized for outdoor and indoor applications.

This is another vital reason why you must consider a manufacturer who generates top quality brass cable glands.

Range of Cable Glands

You will find two types of cable gland. One is armored, and the other one is unarmored. Some are utilized for industrial uses while some are intended for heavy-duty sectors. That clearly recommends that you must seek for a brass cable gland manufacturer who offers a broad spectrum of cable glands. That manufacturer should be able to fulfill your cable gland requirements.

Do you think you are ready to choose the best brass cable gland manufacturer?

If so, we wish you good luck with this journey.

If you have any questions related to brass cable glands, feel free to send us your query.

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Why Brass Cable Glands are used in hazardous industrial areas?

Brass cable glands are mechanical cable entry device which offers the best mechanical retention, strain relieving, and earth continuity profits at the season of hardware walled in area passage. Brass cable glands are used with other electrical installation material and can be manufacture from metallic as well as for non-metallic or combination of both. Brass Cable glands used in all types of industries including automotive and electrical instrumentation, Telecom industry as well as electrical power industries.

The primary function of Brass cable glands is to seal the cable and keep it in the electrical devices attached to and keeping out humidity & dust from ingress the device to ensure that the equipment is able to keep its original features without solution or tamping. Even though Brass cable glands nominated as a small part of the general electrical installation package, they are still played a vital role in maintaining the total continuum and performance of the equipment.

Brass Cable glands are used in hazardous industrial areas deviate from able glands manufactured for typical industrial use. Before understanding how Brass Cable glands can help to save time and costs in a hazardous environment first we have to understand what the hazardous industrial area is? If the circumscribed atmosphere near or around a site containing electrical equipment has an important presence of vapors, ignitable fibers, and flammable liquids, gases or combustible dust, the risk of fire and explosive is high. Such areas containing electrical equipment that bear a high risk of fire or explosion due to the presence of an explosive mix of material in the air termed as hazardous industrial areas.

There are three materials required to be present to label an area as hazardous.


Flammable gases, vapors, mists, dust

Ignition source

The atmosphere becomes more explosion when a flammable material mixes with the Comprehensive air creating the potential for an explosion or fire in case of any rise in temperature or even a Small electric spark. Electrical equipment used in these areas must increase protection to ensure they continue to function even in the eventuality of a fire or explosion occurring in the vicinity.

Protect your Electrical Equipment using Brass Cable Glands to save time and cost!

Installing electrical equipment is an expensive and time-consuming process, but even more than the Economy involved in the greater danger to assets and people pretending by explode machinery. There are many ways to reduce the risks associated with electrical installations in hazardous areas, the simplest being not to maintain any electric instrument within the hazardous area, but this might not be workable in some cases. One of the best ways to reduce the presence of hazardous material in the air through a series of process improvements, but this can take decades to come about. During, the electrical devices including cabling and wiring, installed with it in hazardous areas, need to conform to relevant safety standards to precaution against any possibility of fire in a denotative environment.

The Rapid, easy & most cost-effective way to guarantee the safety of electronic devices in a hazardous industrial area is to use high-quality Brass cable glands. The cost of the Brass cable gland is minor and least compared to the cost of electronics equipment failure downtime and damage to assets. Also, brass cable glands are time-saving and more cost-effective than other safeguard tactics for precaution explosion in hazardous areas.

Neutrical International is a preferred manufacturer of Cable Glands. We are also providing high-quality products which meet all international quality standards. Best manufacturing standards ensure continuity of long-lasting performance and an excellent degree of safety to establishment and electronic device working in hazardous industrial areas.

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